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 Goldeneye Props

 The exploding pen and Mine from Goldeneye

Collector Alfonso
Collection BondDisplays
Date Added 17 February 2008
Hits 15962
Rating 9.3
Ranking 7
Votes 11

User Comments

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13 October 2014 2:29 by swatch james bond 40th anniversary col
very nice
28 April 2014 14:00 by bill kaos
your dad is a champion. love the timber
10 November 2012 13:39 by Jeremy Cole
I love the motor cycle toy as well
05 November 2012 16:34 by Aston33007
Congratulation, it's a very spectacular collection.
02 June 2012 8:53 by Cassie
Wonderful Collection! Love the way you displayed it... :) Cool!
15 January 2012 2:10 by SLBoo7
how did you get that ?
14 January 2012 17:07 by James Cloete
13 October 2009 19:57 by Heinri van Zyl
One word...AWESOME!
13 March 2009 15:30 by Bad boy baz
A fantastic collection and a tallented dad too
01 September 2008 18:52 by stamp
loving the collection wouldnt mind having all that
31 August 2008 17:18 by Charlie Green
Nice collection, I would love to have them all displayed liek this, I dont have the wall space and I only have 5 of them :(
15 July 2008 2:13 by dav.
I like the car
02 June 2008 0:01 by SpectreIsland
Thank you 007brucewayne. I'll be posting more 007 items quite soon. If you're referring to the 40th Anniversary Omega, I did not buy it online. Too many replicas floating around. I purchased it from an authorized Omega jeweler in my area.
01 June 2008 2:52 by 007brucewayne
Good job. You got a great collection there. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the watch? online?
07 March 2008 1:09 by SpectreIsland
David, thanks for the kind words. Your collection always inspires me to keep looking for more fun items. Pellegrinelli, if you are referring to the Seiko Octopussy TV watch, yes, it does work as a TV (but only in black and white).
06 March 2008 17:24 by Pellegrinelli
I would like to know if this watch does really works as in the film .
17 February 2008 15:44 by David Zaritsky
Gorgeous collection and perfect display!

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