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Thread: Bond uses Walther PPK in SkyFall

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    Bond uses Walther PPK in SkyFall

    Good news, the new image released by shows Bond again with his trusted Walther PPK!

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    Very interesting picture, indeed. It somehow reminds me of the earlier Bond movies, but it is something totally new in some ways. Bond having a beard is certainly unusual and contrary to Sir Ian Fleming's novels.

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    I agree! There is something strange about this photo that I cannot put my finger on. I will say that I'm drawn to the beard a lot and I can't say I care for it and very unusual.

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    The picture is very Blade Runner, as for the beard it go's to further the updated image of Bond for the 21st Century.

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    My big hope is that either Q or the armorer show up and update his gun to the PPQ or the PPS.

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    I doubt they'd do that Duxman, considering that I think they're going with the classic Bond style again in the movies, or at least with this one with it being the 50th Anniversary of Dr. No. To me, there's nothing more Bond than to have him with the PPK again. Although I personally think that the P99 suits Craig very well. PPK seems too small in his hands. But nonetheless, it's an awesome picture and I cannot wait until the movie comes out.

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    While artistically the picture looks very good. From a more realistic perspective - and they are trying to become more "real world" with Bond - Bond has his finger in the trigger (an accident waiting to happen), and from where the weapon is - it is taking away something like 20% of his peripheral vision. Bad posture. But looks hollywood cool.

    Michael Mann is the only hollywood director who follows truly realistic gun handling. Look at the movies: Heat and Collateral. Specifically the training that Tom Cruise went through in Collateral for his gunfighting.

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    Maybe with the attack on MI6 or whatever the plot happens to be, he lost his service weapon, the P99 or PPS and he had to go with his backup, the PPK. You know, the one he hid under the seat in his car or in the potted plant next to his door.

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    Duxman, absolutely right about finger on the trigger. By the way having carried a PPK/S American made, I don't like it. Too many stovepipes--malfunctions. Looked pretty in stainless steel, but looking pretty isn't quite the purpose of it. The PPK/S is quite similar to the PPK but has an additonal round. From what I hear, it's best to stick with the German made Walthers, and not those made under license. The one I had could have put me under ground along with its under license.

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    Its about 20 years too late. But if they wanted Bond to have a cool PPK like gun:

    They should have gone with the PP Super:[110050]&rp=Catalog&

    It would look great on Craig. But its a weapon that is over 20 years out of production. Still old school. Probably the last, and best of the PP series guns. No slide bite, and fantastic trigger.

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